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When I checked my email this afternoon I received a message from the universe.


“Dwell upon the end results, Nealette, not the how’s. Follow your impulses, not a method.”



In the midst of life throwing unexpected routes and new roads this past year, lead to tremendous feelings of uncertainty. Forced off of a daily routine, No method or ‘how to’ was going to take the place of that innate notion to just keep trying to stay the course. Hitting roadblocks. The ones that say – EXIT HERE! Like now Bitch! Right now! HELLOOOO!


So I jumped off. Sat on the side pondering where the fuck am I heading now. Wondering if I’ll ever find my way. You know every sign afterwards just pointed in the direction of following your heart. Do the right thing. Stop trying to plan the trip ahead and enjoy the ride. Wholeheartedly believing that the less you think about how you can get something or somewhere… the faster it will come.


That’s the shift things are made of.


When you choose to take the road less traveled, it can sometimes be a bumpy ride along the way, but if you’re doing it for the right reasons, then the reward is so great.


-Gretchen Bleiler



The one consistent path. The one I had to take the blinders off to see is how I was already on a new route. In motion. Operating and moving with love and kindness in the most impulsive ~ pure at heart way. Disrupting the opportunity of strategizing an outcome. Realizing there’s no method to this thing we deem as life. No matter how uncertain and with no breaks, I’m taking the road less traveled.


I’m choosing to drive into that shit like it’s the end of time.


Love is Life.


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