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     Shannah Quinn 

    I have two kids, ages 8.5 girl and 9.5 boy. My boyfriend has a 3.5 boy that we have on alternating weekends. We like to do active things with the kids when they aren’t playing sports. My daughter plays softball, my son wrestles, and they both swim. We all enjoy volunteer activities, so I bring them to those kinds of activities, as well.

     Anika Jackson 

    Mine is 9 years old, a girl. We like volunteer activities, outdoor and active play, art, and board games.


    I don’t know if mine still count as “kids”, but I have 2 daughters. One is 26 and officially off the payroll; the other is 20 (a sophomore at Chapman University) and still takes every opportunity to come home, sleep in her own bed and enjoy mom’s hospitality.

     Kati Matyka 

    Mine is a 13 (soon to be 14) year old girl. She is into art and science, so we love visiting the art museum and the museum of natural science. She also enjoys cooking, so I have taken her to Figlia kitchen for kids cooking classes. She also takes the lead making our Hello Fresh meals!

     Nealette Douglas 

    I have my daughter 15, son 8, and one adulting 22yr old daughter

    We love getting together for movie nights and dress up in onesies.
    The bowling alley for competitive action. Board games at home.
    Story telling is low-key our best moments!

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